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Jackery Solar Generator 240


  • Plenty of safety features included
  • Lightweight and comfortable to travel along
  • Can always keep your power station at full capacity
  • Supports Pass-through charging
  • Can be recharged in 2 ways


  • No weather covers for outlets

Jackery 240 solar generatorscomprise portable power stations and solar panels. These appliances capture solar energy and store it for future use. Not just for camping and adventures but these generators prove worthwhile for home as backup sources of energy. The entire operation of jackery 240 solar generator is clean and quiet. This means that there will be no emissions of gasoline or toxic fumes. With the compact, lightweight design, it feels effortless to carry around anywhere you go. The reliable battery management system and emission-free energy source make this jackery 240 solar generators safe even indoors. The purpose of the following jackery 240 solar generator review is to streamline your hassles while purchasing. So, let’s get started.

Jackery 240 Solar Generator

Jackery 240 Solar Generator Review - ChargingGeek (2)

This jackery 240Wh solar generator is acknowledged as the best portable power station for outdoor use by Digital Trends. Its outstanding charging efficiency and easy-to-use features make it one of the best jackery solar generator. It is equipped with a 240Wh backup Lithium battery and a 110V/200W pure sine wave AC outlet. You can recharge it through the Jackery SolarSaga 60 solar panel. The typical application of this generator includes camping, hunting, and traveling.

The included lithium-ion battery pack is lightweight enough to make sure the generator doesn’t seem bulky during transportation. Besides, the sturdy handle makes sure the transportation is safe when you head on for road trips, tent camping, backyard camping, etc.

To obtain the best results, you can keep this jackery 240 solar generator fully charged every 3 months. Make sure to store it in the temperature range of -20°C to 45°C. From the pack, you get this power station, a SolarSaga 60 solar panel, a car charger cable, an AC adapter, and a user guide.

Key Features

  • The built-in MPPT controller allows the solar panel to run at its maximum power. So, it keeps the power station recharged at its supreme efficiency.
  • Two ways for recharging are –car outlet and a wall outlet.
  • To work as a versatile power source, it comes with 2 USB-A ports (5V, 2.4A), a pure sine wave AC outlet (110V/200W), and a 12V DC car port. So, you can keep your devices charged while outdoors.
  • When this power station is running under 10W power for more than 12 hours, it will trigger the economy mode. Subsequently, it will automatically shut down.
  • The battery management system supports various safety features. They are namely over current protection, short current protection, over-discharge protection, overcharge protection, over-voltage protection, and thermal protection.

How To Pick The Best Jackery Solar Generator?

To avoid dilemma on how to effectively choose the best Jackery solar generator, you can consider the aspects discussed below.

1.Power output

The foremost thing to bear in mind before going further in the Jackery solar generator review is to figure out how much power output you need. This will depend on the type of devices you want to charge with the solar generator. Once you have figured out that, you can filter out your choices by targeting the generator that can deliver desired power output. The discussed solar generators from this brand deliver power output ranging from 200W to 1500W.

For example, for use as a home backup, the power requirement will not be so high. On the other hand, for use during emergencies or camping, the power requirement may be the highest. Therefore, analyze your type of application and then choose the one that matches the power output you need.

2. Safety features

These solar generators are intended to deliver a huge amount of power. Also, they are designed to connect various types of devices. This is why safety hazards may arise any time. To ensure safe operation, it is better to choose a Jackery solar generator equipped with multiple safety features. As one of the best solar generators from Jackery, jackery 240 solar generators protect against excess current, excess voltage, excess charging, etc.

Final Thoughts

Based on this jackery 240 solar generator review, it is straightforward to filter out the choices from the market and pick the most suitable solar generator. Jackery 240 solar generators are low-cost appliances that harness solar energy for free and without maintenance. They aid you to keep all your devices charged without any safety concerns. Furthermore, they work as versatile power sources because they can charge varied types of devices.

Top 10 Jackery 240 Solar Generator Reviews

1. Great Battery

Firstly this is not a generator, it does not create power. It is a battery, it stores power. As other reviewers have said this Jackery 240 solar generator works great for what it is designed to do. I have used it to power my CPAP machine without turning off the humidifier mode and it lasted about 5 hours which is about right considering the CPAP was using about 50 watts an hour (50w x 5 = 250w). If that is your purpose then turn off the humidifier and it should last a whole night if needed. I have also used it while it was plugged in and it powered my CPAP and charged itself at the same time.

I also purchased the 60w solar panels for charging it. It did charge, but it really depends on the sun light you have for how long it will take. I would recommend the 100w panels if you are serious about solar charging. They won’t take as long to charge the battery. That is if you have plenty of sun light to use. This battery is great for charging things like your phones or powering items that don’t draw a lot of power. Just remember it only stores about 240 watts of power so you can’t plug something in that uses 100 watts of power and expect it to work all night because you will only get about 2 ½ hours at best if it is fully charged.

2. Great for mini fridge and small electronics

We have been using the Jackery 240 solar generator and the 60w solar panels for several months while camping, and it has been invaluable. We use it primarily to power a small 12v fridge in the back of the Jeep. In cooler weather, it’s managed to keep the fridge running at 33-34 Fahrenheit for over 24 hours with some juice still in the battery. In warmer weather it’s been pushing around 12-15 hours. Still respectful. It keeps an electric blanket running for about 4-5 hours, and charges small electronics pretty well. The MacBook Pro is a power hog when it charges, so I’d not recommend the 240 for charging the laptop. The solar panels charge this generator amazingly well. I can get the battery up to 100 percent from 17 percent in about 5 hours in Florida sun. In other places where the sun is less intense, I can get it charged up to 75 percent in that same time. If you have full sun, you can easily recharge this setup daily. Couldn’t say enough positive about this small little setup. Great for off grid.

3. So happy I got the Jackery 240 solar generator!

Got these right before going camping and it was great! I did not need a huge generator or lots of power. This is a perfect size generator for what I need and it’s very light and easy to travel with! The solar power works great with the generator or on its own. It’s also light and easy to travel with. I’m very happy with both of these products and have already convinced others to look into getting them!

4. A great find and well priced for the superior functionality

I bought three different company’s products. Jackery was only slightly more expensive, but stood head and shoulders over the others.

The array folds easily and putting magnets on it to hold it closed was genius. No other manufacturer did this, and the others zipped along the perimter, which took longer and is something that can break (esp. since they didn’t use heavy-duty zippers). I also appreciated it being backed by rigid plastic, which is easy to wipe clean (others’ were fabric and easily dirtied).

The battery/ storage cell is light enough to carry easily (even the largest variety), the shell takes the jostling and knocking that happens in transit and use. The handle is noce and fat, so easy to grasp and can hold longer before hand fatigue. It also charges quickly on the wall before first use, and takes and keeps a charge a good, long time.

Only thing I didn’t like were typos in the instructions and promotional materials, but they were clear enough to be understood. I sent back the other companies’s models, kept the Jackery 240 solar generator, and even bought a few more components. This was a great find.

5. Best customer service

I like that the Jackery 240 solar generator has the power display and all the charge ports on the same side, in particular on the wider side. Some other brands have it on opposite ends of the generator which can be a nuisance. Also, it’s nice that the amount of power is displayed as a digital percentage rather than 4-5 “analog” bars to more precisely help with energy management. For example, if the battery is low and you know it’s at exactly 9%, as opposed to it only showing 1 bar and being uncertain whether it’s at the lower (e.g. 5%) or upper (e.g. 19%) range of one battery bar indicator, you can make a better calculated decision how you want to use the remaining power, such as whether you can keep your laptop on long enough to write and send off “just 1 more email”.

Jackery’s solar panel is a bi-fold, versus one with multiple folds, which to me is easier to unfold and set on the ground or whichever surface, as more folds only seem to make it more wobbly, even if it would make the folded size more compact. It also has a zippered pocket integrated into the panel to store your cables, which is nice for organization, not to mention a kickstand to prop up the panel, which some other brands lack. Oh and one more important thing is that Jackery’s customer service is top notch – warm, responsive, and if you have an issue, fast-acting. I was missing the DC charger on my order and it arrived that same week! So, a great company that stands behind their quality products.

6. Jackery 240 solar generator is convenient.

This is really useful. I thought of it as a way to have a little bit of power if there was a blackout. But I’m finding many uses for it. I can use it to for all manner of things in parts of the house that don’t have convenient electrical outlets. It wouldn’t run an electric blanket very long, but a large heating pad, yes. I can use it to have lighting. I am hoping I will be able to use it to power a car-charger water boiler. Or to recharge various electronics. I haven’t used the solar panels yet though. In retrospect, I do sort of wish I’d gotten a slightly bigger one. But this one would be a great size for camping, and it’s enough to take the edge off uncomfortable conditions.

7. Ready for power outages.

A fairly new CPAP machine runs all night on one charge. One CPAP draws it down to about 25%. The AC output is really handy. Using AC it can run my desktop computer & monitor for a couple of hours. I ran a ceiling fan all night last July, when my power went out. I own 5 battery packs & 2 solar chargers. After considering all I had for power was 2 solar chargers for AA & AAA batteries I realized I badly needed something more, I’ve watched a very positive YouTube video online of someone dis-assembling and analyzing the quality of a Jackery power pack. I’m satisfied that I’m much better prepared now that I have some back-up power for my devices beyond anything that takes AA or AAA batteries!

8. Jackery 240 solar generator is great for camping

I purchased this Jackery 240 solar generator to run my crap while camping in my trailer. It charged right up, from being plugged into my electricity. It lasted 3 hours, with the humidifier on. I’ll try it without it on next. I’m planning on getting another so I can charge one while using the other.I’ve not been able to try the solor panels yet as I live in Washington state and we don’t get sunshine until the spring.

9. Great Entry Level Solar Battery

The Jackery is a great start for a solar battery and charger. This Jackery 240 solar generator is small but good for camping lights and charging phones and laptops when away from power. Most people will eventually need more solar panels and a larger battery but it’s a great start and backup.

10. What can I say? It’s a Jackery

I waited until Jackery was having a sale and Amazon was the best deal. Solid product. Charges quickly from a home outlet or the full Sun. Love it. I use it for camping off the grid. If you want to run fans, space heaters, blow dryers, get the bigger size. I use this for charging my laptop and phone and my dogs ecollar. Also, it is a nice compact size and light.

Enjoyed this jackery 240 solar generator review? Then be sure to check out our other guides of the Best 1000W Solar Generator and the Best 500 Watt Solar Generator.

Jackery Solar Generator

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